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How was Khoobsurat Choreography born?

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Let me set the stage for you. It was a few moments before the grand entrance of the bride and groom into the reception hall. The venue was meticulously decorated with sweet floral detailing and hundreds of glimmering candles. All the guests were dressed to the nines, indulging in the luxurious spread of savory snacks during the cocktail hour. The only missing element was the glowing newlyweds. So what were they doing exactly, while the rest of the world was living its best life just outside their green room doors?

Funny you ask. They were frantically practicing their first dance. Minutes before they were about to be received by hundreds of adoring family members and friends. It broke my heart. When they should have been soaking in the moment, they ended up stressing over their first dance routine & steps. I think I was especially hurt because I knew I could have helped them in so many ways! Choreographing their dance would have alleviated the stress of ideating dance steps and helped ensure consistent and frequent practices. Together, we could have perfected technique so they would have looked their absolute best on show day. Most importantly, they would have been a little more present during the biggest days of their lives.

Retrospectively, of course I wish things were different. However, I realized that while it may be too late to help my cousin and sister-in-law, it's certainly not too late to help other couples. And almost overnight, Khoobsurat Choreography was born. Here's to my couples being present and zen before that unforgettable first introduction as a married couple.

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